Saturday, May 26, 2007

Thus Far,

Me and mine family are doing great. Samuel just turned three and he is a ball of energy. They call him `Live Wire’ around here. He gets us all worked up. He learned to speak too and he is very imaginative. He comes up with all kinds of Ideas. His past time is watching T.V. Especially the Looney tunes. His favorite character is Popeye and Spider man

Mercy just graduated from Kindergarten. You should have seen her walk the aisle through the auditorium to the front. She was best in sports and they say she has a leadership streak. “I’m Proud of you.” I hollered at her when she passed by me.

Anita now eight has come a long way this season. She is a “go getter”, she won’t stop at nothing. Once she makes up her mind on what she wants, she goes for it. She got Excellent Academics Award after receiving all A’s in reading, Language, Math, Science, and Social studies.

We’ve got a lot to thank God for. We've weathered tornadoes, survived the winter and are braced for summer. I have had fewer opportunities to minister. I did the Easter Meeting and a one time invitation to the Christian Leadership Fellowship on cable 18. We still attend services at the CCF and my Kids love the children classes there. I have tried to convince them to explore but they won’t trade it for anything.

My next door neighbor has changed his garage into a church. Some folk from Colorado are trying to setup a ministry “The Fore-runner Ministries.” They’ve invited me to their meetings a couple of times and it’s been fun.

So far we’ve had big plans that never pulled off. Without naming names, I have talked to some - so considered - great men of God who promised the world but never delivered. We planned great things but they fizzled out. My worldview has been changed and I now see life so differently.

I feel that taking care of my family is more imperative at the moment. If anything comes up that my family is not involved in or at peace with, that’s a pass. I am totally sold out on God and my number one disciples are members of my own household.

Thus Far has the Lord brought us, ‘Ebenezer.’ I Sam 7:12

Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Indeed

The New Year is here!!

As usual, many will determine what to do with this coming year. Some will make a vow or resolution of what they are gonna do and what they are gonna quit.

To me, it's not just a time of new resolutions but a review of past accomplishments. The review is not so that I can give myself a pat on the back(not an easy thing to do). Rather, I give praise to Him who makes all things possible. I realized a long time ago that my strength is limited and I am vulnerable in many ways. If I made it through that year I must have acquired some help from on high.

On my trip to this country, I looked through the window past the grey clouds and beheld amazing scenaries. It gave me such awe and wonder to behold the glorious works of God. Unlike other oblivious passengers it was an intense moment for me. How so vulnerable we are in this human tents that are here today and tomorrow are not. Just like the flower that fades away or the grass that withers away.

Like the teacher, I see no new thing under the sun. All there is has been before. Our vain labor is just the toil that takes our life away. If we look out of the box and pause from the rat race of our daily endeavors. The changing times and the endless toil should bring us to acknowledge our weakness and finiteness. Yet in all this vanity the 6 billion people across the planet wake up with a new hope, a desire for something new. I guess Saddam must have felt the same this morning, before he went to the noose. We all hope some strange twist in life will make us better of tomorrow.

That is the mystery the new year holds. Everyone hopes for the best and everybody thinks, a little more determination, a little more hard work. A little more this or that can make some difference. But to what extent in this world run by systems of men whose creed is their greed. Prejudiced policy makers that make us dance to the tunes of their music. Corrupt world systems that seek their own good. Men that spend a lifetime to ensnare others in their machinations. The list is endless and the cares enormous. We may as well start another year of gloom and doom.

Yet there is hope within all men's heart. A longing and a yearning that the finest wine will not sustain the best liqour will not quench. All the monies in the world cannot buy the satisfaction that our souls long for. Driving the best car is just another fantasy that comes and goes, being in the best body shape a flattery that enslaves. All these dreams escape our grasp as water in a tight fist.

There is only one way to enjoy a new year, indeed a new life. That mystery is Christ in us the hope of glory. He transforms and renews from the inside out. Fills and satisfies even the most of depraved minds.

If a man be in Christ he is a new creation, the past is gone and the new has come. Yes the new year can bring real songs of joy and hope and strength and confidence and elements that cannot be bought with monies.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Jump - Start

The F-250 89 model Ford that I have been using at my neighbours ranch this week has for the first time let me down. It was a blessing of God since I got it at a very low cost for the truck it is.

Day before yesterday I gave a friend of mine a ride to the new Walmart in Lindale, and on my way back it died on me. For some reason I think either the Alternator is not charging or the battery is low. When I told the guy I rode with to check and wiggle the battery head, he used a hammer and broke the head in the process. Even ol bronco(truck nicknamed after the former owner) would'nt take it. Like an old mule he wouldn't budge.

Just off the Interstate 20 close to our exit we got stuck. A 97 degree sun showed us no mercy. My friend got more aggrevated since he meant to be somewhere within a given time. I told him to walk to the gas station about a mile ahead and get help. Reminds me of times when my Dad (God bless his heart) made me walk some to get gas. Why didn't he have his tank full always? I guess I now know why.

Anyway, later in my bid to fix the truck, I got some new clamps and some jump cables. I got it started and went for a test drive. Left my jump cables sitting outside the house and drove 5 mls. away and got in the same quandry.
I have been discouraging my dear wife from driving by herself, but I hollered at her and bid her come. There is some dangerous curves and rut's on the country road that I'd taken, but `help', I yelled. We had a lil hubby and wife moment on the phone as I twisted my ankle trying to get help. She decided to come and jump start me by all means.

How glad I was to know that there was somebody coming to help at no cost. Somebody I could reach, somebody I could rely on. Somebody willing to help at all costs.

I believe that God is right there ready to jumpstart us when we are slowed down in the ruts of life. At no cost and with no hussles. He will boost our reason for living.

If there was no God life would be meaningless. But Thank God for Jesus who knew we was stuck in the ruts of life and bowed down to deliver us from the wretchedness of sin. Just holler at Him if you get stuck.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

"Daddy, please take off my training wheels,"

"Daddy, please take off my training wheels," Mercy hollered. She could hardly wait for me to step out of the car. She wasn't exited for nothing. She had learned to ride without them.

She took Anita’s bike before Anita came from school and managed to ride it without them. Now, Anita the eldest had messed her own bike and lured me to take of the training wheels from Mercy’s. Mercy was put in a complex predicament when she found out that her bike didn’t have training wheels on, so she took Samuels bike.

At two, Samuel can turn on the T.V. change channels and even play his favorite DVD or VHS. I don’t know where the world is taking us. When the girls go out there, he’ll be hollering and yelling to go out with them. We don’t let him out unless there is adult supervision. He can’t handle his bike yet.

Now then, Mercy reminds me of my former years with God. I used to shout out loud asking to know God’s will, and when God showed me how, I felt that I needed His help.

“Just hold on the bike until I start pedaling” Mercy pleaded. And when she started riding, she rode pretty fast and ran against the walls or tumbled down in the grass. She couldn’t stop even though I followed her closely. All I could do was pity her when she fell down. What I admired was her determination to catch up with her elder sister and ride against the wind.

I hardly watch Anita who impressed me on her quick skills the first few days. She is well able to take care of herself and even do some dangerous stunts. Of course she’s ruined her bike and is working on the second one.

Does God care for our little projects or our ability to handle the situations? “He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you?” Micah6:8a this verse keeps ringing in my head. The next time I ask to know Gods will. Anita and Mercy gives me a life lesson.

I wanted her to ride on her own, so I watched her fall a couple of times. Now I am glad we can ride together and feel the wind brush against our cheeks. Shout and holler at each other as we have some fun.

God shoves us on our feet, though He is watching closely. He has given us the Spirit of No fear, a sound mind, and Love. 2Tim 1:7. Guess that’s all we need. Some love from Papa and some encouragement to shove us on the way and we are good to go.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Don’t tell me it’s not God.

"If it hadn’t been for God, we’d have been consumed; our enemy would have overtaken us and swallowed us alive." David wrote. Make’s me see that he was a real person going through real life experiences.

Today I, like David say, "If God had not been on our side let Israel say." Of a truth we’ve seen God’s mercy and provision during our time in the U.S.

I went ahead and purchased an air ticket by faith not knowing where my whole family would stay. I was living in a dormitory set-up at the YWAM Woodcrest. Of course all the other boys would not agree for me to bring my family in the ward like house with bed’s lined like a boot camp.

In Dallas my mind kept racing, "will we rent a motel for a couple of nights before we get a house or what?" One of the men I spoke to who had built a new home and left the former house told me. "Try looking for a house in Van (about 12 miles from the school), as for now my boy (who is a magician) is keeping his doves in there."

Like the Macedonian church, my family has always surprised me; they gave towards the extra monies and bills that came up concerning my family’s trip. Much appreciation goes to my In-laws who have always believed in me. I can’t forget Naph, Winnie, Lillian and all the folks that prayed for me, and supported me in various ways. My heart goes out to ya’ll and on this day let it be known that I love you big huge time.

The condition at the campus has not allowed me to write as I wish to. Life has been very fast paced and I know I have been a very poor communicator. I hope you forgive me.

This is the final week at the School of Writing and we are doing our final exam on Monday. Next week we clean up and people go to their different callings. When they asked me what I am going to do next after the School is over, I said, "I honestly don’t know. I am going to pray and ask God for the next direction." But, I am also going to write and write and sharpen my skill… some publisher may like my work who knows? I will also still be staffing at the YWAM Woodcrest, cleaning the yard and doing ground maintenance as we wait on God.

This is a good time to ask you to pray that I get a Laptop; I sincerely need one for the vocation and calling in my life. So far I have not gotten any regular support whatsoever in the U.S. zilch, nil, zero… I care not to burden my kinfolk seeing that they have such great need themselves. Pray with me that God will speak to people to support me regularly. Pray and listen as well if God will direct you to support me.

Back to the house issue. I left Dallas the next day with my family and headed like Abraham to a place I didn’t know. Thankfully YWAM Twin oaks housed us for a week while I looked for an alternative.

Finally we got this Trailer house very close to the school, with two tiny Bedrooms and one main bedroom, fully furnished with everything set just for a family like us. Of course each of my daughters got a bedroom, full of toys and their own wardrobes. We got a bed for Samuel too, and even some food left by the former tenant. My Landlord (a former mercy ship worker) said we were welcome to use the food or throw it away. How did they know we needed food too? Now tell me it wasn’t God.

All my neighbors are Christians. Their kids love coming to our house and even though my daughters are speaking very funny English they get along pretty good. The kids are out on summer break and are playing all day. There are a lot of blue berries and raspberries around the house and my wife has been picking some.

We go to a church down the road to a place called CCF (Christian Community Fellowship) where most YWAMers go and we are making a lot of friends, Intl. and locals. My family is blending in very sweetly amongst the red necks. Soon I’m going to take them to a Rodeo and some horse riding. We feel very at home surrounded by the longhorns and Texas flags.

Surely God has made us settle in a foreign land and His promise is true.

Love always,


Howdy Y’all,

We are together again. My whole family is here, and we are having a ball. I know you wish you had been there, to witness our meeting after the long period of separation.

I paced up and down at the arrival’s gate C-15, where they were supposed to come through at 8:06 p.m. Jim my brother in law was there with me checking to see if we could spot them.

I knew they had left JKA (Nairobi’s main airport), but where were they. We hadn’t communicated in 18 hours. Their itinerary included London Heathrow, Chicago O-Hare, and Dallas DFW.

I stood, sat, paced up and down, wondered over the computer screens, and pestered the attendants. I didn’t like the feeling I had. Millions of butterflies were crawling in my belly.

Eventually I sat down waiting… Jim started asking around; he found out that their flight had come a little bit earlier. Where on earth could they be? We decided to check upstairs one more time at gate 12c.

Just as we got there I caught a glimpse of a young black girl playing around. First I thought it was she, then I thought no it can’t be. She’s so changed, it’s eight the effects of the night might be playing tricks on me. Just then she looked up and our eyes locked. It was Anita (my eldest daughter). Everything came to a standstill for a split second.

Our shouts and screams rent the air and we cared less. We ran towards each other. Mercy joined in the fray shouting excitedly and Samuel did some of his gurgling too and donned a huge smile. We hugged kissed, laughed and chatted all the way to Uncle Jim’s house.

Sorry for the let down, we forgot to take any pictures, or videos. We had our cameras fully loaded and ready but the excitement overwhelmed the occasion. We thought about it a little bit too late.

We did take a few photos in the house though. They were really tired and jet-lagged. I don’t think they’d like you to see them that way.
What counts is that we are all together again and our joy is complete. Praise the Lord with us.

Many thanks to your prayers.



Truth went for a swim in the lake. Lies came and stole his clothes. Your guess is as right as mine, truth came out naked and now we have naked truth.

Not many will embrace her (because she’s still naked), but the few that will enjoy her benefits. Let truth be embraced, sweeter or bitter, naked or otherwise...

You may have had to be away from your family for a reason, a week or two, a month may be. I know the feeling and I bet you didn’t like it either.

“When have you last seen them?” they asked me. It brought me an uneasy feeling every time they asked. Of course I didn’t have an appropriate answer. All I know is that I was away from home and there were many hoops. I have prayed, cried, hoped and waited for a whole one and a half years.

I came to America confident and positive that they would join me soon after. My visa came first and the school I was to attend was due same week. Their paperwork took time to process but I was still hopeful.

When I got here my worldview got revolutionized, the culture shock and all. Some people back home think that when you get to the US everything is served on a silver platter. Hitherto there was no further support from home. I haven’t built enough relationships to garner support in the US.

So far I have dug ruts, worked on sewer tanks, collected trash and recently washed bathrooms. I did these just to make ends meet and ensure that my family got some bread on the table. Being a father with school going kids the road has been rough and tough, but God’s faithfulness has been real to me.

I thank God for the staff and family at the Dayspring Centre who embraced and prayed with me. They were patient with me and encouraged me in all hope. The staff helped me plan my second year, gave me a breakdown on how to raise 10,000 USD enough to cater for my fees balance and my family expenses.

I went to Atlanta with hope of connecting and communicating with the churches I had earlier gone to for outreaches. Without a car and running very low on finances, my plans fell short. I tried to communicate with the churches, sent a bunch of letters and never got any response not even one of them. I stayed there for about a month with no success and headed back to Tyler, Frustrated and disappointed.

“Go home boy, show some responsibility”, said one of the leaders back at the school. "I owe you 4600 $(equivalent to half a million KShs) where can I possibly get that figure from back home?, besides I don’t have a plane ticket. I have not heard God say go."

“Try Harder, we are praying for you” Naomi(my wife) said every time I called. I have wept many days travailed in prayer and the peace of God has ruled my heart in all these things. Everything will be alright.

“What will you send for my birthday Dad”, my eldest daughter had asked. By the grace of God I got air tickets reserved exactly on her birthday. I advised my wife to tell the air hostess to give her the moment of her lifetime.

As I write this now, my family is airborne coming to America. Tomorrow is the big day when I pick them up at the DFW.

I am very excited for sure and can’t wait to meet them. I know it will be more challenging when they get here and I believe God will see me through it all. So far God has been faithful - Ebenezer.


The emptiness in my soul makes me wonder when all would come to an end. There is a battle within, and I come out the loser always. Loser! Yes, loser. The woman at the Mini bus had said. I had looked sexily at her and tried one of my moves. "Don’t mess with me loser" She yelled sneering. "It’s written all over your face.
I felt so ashamed and yet tried to be macho. What a loser, I thought. Why did she have to attract all the attention? Oh my God! Why do I always have to make a fool of myself?

Have you ever been in a maze, and all you hit were dead ends? Not bad if you had hope of finding your way out. Have you ever been in pitch darkness and hoped your eyes would get accustomed and may be you would find a way. How would it feel if you groped around in eternity and there was no way out?

Vision blurred, harsh and hostile darkness wrapped around you like a garment almost tangible. You are so scared like you were in a horror movie, only this is for real. Your life is a nightmare and you know it. You wish you were dead, but you are alive. Your life is full of drama but the consequences are real. This is how it feels like to be a junky. The only escape is when stoned or high. Nerves are calm, life is bliss, hey -- not for long, darkness awaits.

I longed for freedom but found none. When I needed help, my brother told me to see a shrink. "What good would it do to me?" I thought, I'm already gone. Breaking out is now too hard, among my peers I am a hero. I crave for it. I depend on it. This is my identity.

Every morning I have an agenda, where can I get my next fix. By now I have graduated from the common pot, to khat, mandrax, valium, roche, and all that represents. Of course, I need hard liquor to gulp it down, that gives you direct injection. It’s like shooting I’ve heard but that stuff is too expensive. Only the rich enjoy the crack and coke. With a little money, I can walk into any drug store, make them think I need a prescription. They need the money so they will sell.

I am in my worst dilemma and my brother thinks I will be ok. My sister is concerned too but can’t help. "Do you know what you did yesterday?" She asks. "I can’t remember", I say. "What happened"? You almost killed this guy, look at the bruise on your knuckle". A tooth mark runs through my right finger, evidence of a fight I can’t recall. Scars on my face give tell tale stories. Oh my, who will save me from this darkness?

They finally took me away, a menace to society they said. It was the worst time, yet the best. I looked through the bars and caught sight of the hawk flying lazily in the distance. So free it seemed. The whole world is open to its adventures. Can I feel the same, I thought?
After a couple of months my system was clean. I could live without it now I knew.

Thank God for a renewed faith and a new worldview. I am a free man. I met the man who told me all about me. He showed me the way out. He is the true physician.
I read that tattered Bible and it became alive to me. Some papers were missing. They had rolled weed and cigarettes with it, some used it for toilet paper; what a sham. The only material I could glean, was my ticket to liberty and freedom. He promised to renew my mind like that of a young boy.

I am fresh and alive healthy and whole. "... You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." Scripture echoed down deep within. It became honey to my mouth and fire to my belly.

What a joy to be free.


"I will always remind you of these things, even though you know them and are firmly established in the truth(hope you are). I think it is right to refresh your memory as long as I live...
We did not follow cleverly invented stories when we told you about the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ..."

The apostle Peter now an old man brings this up to those who through the righteousness of God and saviour Jesus Christ have received a faith as precious as ours. He knows his time in the ministry is almost up and confesses it "I will soon put aside the tent of this body..."This is the confession of a man that has embraced reality, he utters such words with finalty. He has run his race well.

It takes a lot for many of us to come to a complete rest and reliance on God. We all tend to have a plan a and b or c if deemed fit. We forget the easy instruction of Our Lord, be anxious over nothing... and we are burdened with a lot of care.

Embracing truth is living a childlike life of faith, without a care for tomorrow, having enough fun today and looking forward to another day of play.

Peter by this time has been by the fire, in the fire and presently on fire. These are the three seasons that every believer has to go through.

When he sat by that fire, he wasn't sure if he'd made the right choice. He looked at the people who questioned him restlessly and denied to have known the messiah. His friend, saviour, master and Lord.

We all get there sometime, when we are faced by challenges and feel/think that He is not on our side. Maybe it's because we made a wrong choice we think, when things dont work out the way we presumed. Often it's true, the choices we make have consequences. He doesn't leave us, He remains faithful, but we leave and like Peter we've got to come back a weeping.

Hang on bro, all you felt was the warmth of the fire, coz you will be in the fire some time. This is a time when the Lord is using you and you have repented of your sins and set your heart to follow Him, but never-the-less you face challenges. It's part of your interesting adventure, everyone has to find his way. The only place to turn to is to God.

In that jail house, he slept soundly like a baby, even though James had been beheaded, and the atmosphere was hostile, they'd all fled from Jerusalem. He'd just preached a sermon that made thousands turn to the Truth. The pharisees were aggrevated, they wielded the power of life and death. Yet he had no anxiety.
Fire consume us.

The furnace of affliction takes away all the dross that you may come out shining than pure gold. God didn't begin a shoddy work in you. He's gonna bring to completion the good work. It's time to catch - a - fire. The fire of God, indwells you when you are pursuaded, you dont just know, that you know that you know. It is beyond doubt, Your heart is set, Mind fixed and Destiny sure. You are on Fire Bro.

You accept all for the sake of Christ, come out happy to be considered worthy of the Lord. You go through what you are going through with your head lifted high. Christ will ensure that you win. He will pat your back and say, "well done good and faithful servant..."

Fire Burn.


I key this in the late hours of the nite.
Everybody else in this base might be asleep on a Saturday nite after a long week of rigorous labor. I know I should too.
I am determined to get down with this jargon and know the works.
It's my first posting and so don't mind the errors, if any.
I am amazed by the potential in this tool here, we are going places in YWAM, praise God.

I am in the school of writing at YWAM Woodcrest and I guess this is a good platform to present some of our class projects.
Sometimes we do random stories in the class and it's amazing the things we all come up with, some are boring but some are really neat.
Above all when we surrender ourselves to God our writing is inspired and that's a plus.
I have an inclinaton for fictional stories, based on real life experiences. We are discovering our various strengths, and I strongly lean that way.
Some of us are naturally good narrators, some are poets, but above all we are writers.
I ran a word search in the bible concerning writing and discovered that God is a writer. All he needs is scribes and we can be his hands. He commands write in so many places from Genesis to Revelation. Can you imagine what it would have been like if nobody wrote - the Scriptures.
I kind of like Habakkuk 2:2, Make the writing plain so that the reader may run with it.

We are living in times that Truth is so misrepresented and we need a people who will re-state mistated Truth. The bible itself has been misintepreted by so many philosophies and doctrines and we need a people who will clarify the Truth.
The media has controlled the masses just because they have a platform to present their ideologies, and set up premises by which they sway to their own whims.
Sound the trumpet in zion because the pendulum is swinging again. God is handing back to the church what the devil stole, and it depends on us... what we do with it - TRUTH.
TRUTH -- Pilate asked? What is the truth?
Everybody wants to know the truth. Isn't it a great dilemma that a whole lot of people don't know the truth and choose to live in ignorance. When I couldn't learn how to use this system here, I stayed all nite to find out how it works. How so more important it is to search the Truth in the wee hours of the nite. Apply ourselves to the Truth until we know it. Truth Liberates, Truth is freedom.
Dont be scared of the truth, it may not be as bad, and as horrifying as we expect on discovery. If we discover we will recover.
You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

Watch out for more postings,

Journey to Texas

Ya’ll welcome to view the tit bits in my world. I hope it will give you a little insight of who I am, what I believe and why. Lets explore truth together for as iron sharpens iron so does a friend to another. Let’s build relationships for this is God’s mind for us.
Karibuni Sana!
Lots of Love, Anthony.